Millennia Professional Services’ team of experienced, licensed professionals provides the following services:


Transportation Engineering

      • Preliminary Engineering Studies
      • Final Engineering Plan Development
      • Traffic Studies
      • Traffic Signal Design
      • Intersection Design Studies
      • Roads and Streets
      • Freeways

Geo-technical Engineering

        • General Geotechnical Services
        • Geotechnical Studies
        • Foundation Design Studies
        • Subsurface Exploration
        • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
        • Development of Boring Logs
        • Structural Geotechnical Reports (SGR)
        • Coal Mine Subsidence Consulting
        • Segmental Block Retaining Wall Design
        • Forensic Evaluation of Earth Movements and Structural Damage


Civil Engineering

        • Construction Management
        • Inspection and Documentation
        • Field Testing of Construction Materials
        • Site Development
        • Bikeways
        • Sidewalk Construction Programs


        • Geographic Information System
        • Topographic Surveys
        • Boundary Surveys
        • Hydraulic Surveys
        • ALTA Land Title Surveys
        • Route Surveys
        • Construction Staking
        • GPS
        • Robotic Total Stations

Municipal and Public Works

        • Bikeways
        • Pavement Maintenance Programs
        • Sidewalk Construction Programs


Our team members have extensive experience in the public and private sectors, so we have a unique understanding of our clients’ goals and expectations. We look forward to serving your needs.