Millennia Professional Services is DBE certified and qualified in the following contracting services:



      • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Installation
      • Water Main Installation
      • Precast Box Culvert Installation
      • Miscellaneous Concrete
      • Segmental Block Retaining Wall Construction
      • Brick Paver Installation
      • Erosion Control
      • Excavating and Grading Drainage
      • Landscaping
      • Aggregate Bases
      • Aggregate Shoulders
      • Demolition and Removals

Material Testingconcrete testing

      • QC/QA Level 3 Technicians in PCC, HMA, and Aggregates
      • Contractor Quality Control Management of Materials
      • Sieve Analysis of Aggregates
      • Moisture Content of Aggregates
      • Comprehensive Strength Tests of Concrete/Grout/Masonry Units/Mortar
      • Flexural Strength Tests of Beams
      • Standard and Modified Proctors of Soil
      • Moisture Content of Soil
      • Nuclear Density of Soil and Aggregates